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In 2008 Er-mag.net began to help promote individuals like yourselves who are trying to get into the arts & entertainment industry. You can range from being and actor right down to being a band. What we do is try to help you get noticed. At the same time we are a resource for those agencies and scouts looking for fresh new talent. Are you one of them?

Featured Artist

Featured Artist: Mr. Freddy Jackson "Love no Ego"

Story by James R. Mayer

Freddy Jackson is a good friend of mine. I met him when I was working for Dollar General a few years back! Back then he was taking care of teens who had a rough and a mentor to him. He always brought smiles to thier faces or if they need something Fred was always there. Around then is also when I began to promote and I started promoting him looking for venues so he can perform. I told him what I was trying to do back then and I did my best to promote the hell out of him, and he supplied me with his demos to give to people and I did just that. Today Freddy's Career is blooming, and Im glad to call him a friend. So please take a minute listen his music from his new album "Love No Ego". You may also visit his page at www.freddy-jackson.com. Hey Fred Keep up the good work!


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