Sony Sound Bars for Home Cinema

SonySound Bars

In this article, we will explore the main characteristics of the Sony Soundbar and help you navigate the right choice.

Sound Bar – a good alternative for home cinema

Recently, audio technology has been developing in general in three directions. The first is the improvement of digital technologies to obtain the purest sound with a minimum of nonlinear, frequency, phase, and dynamic distortions. The second is to expand the functionality of the equipment. And finally – minimizing the size of the devices themselves and simplifying their management. The result of these trends in the development of audio technology was the emergence of sound projectors, the so-called “soundbars”.

Good sound is difficult to achieve from standard speakers built into a TV, monitor or laptop. This requires a separate audio system that will make the sound not only louder but also more voluminous. There are a lot of offers, so it is not easy to choose a suitable option, even from the most popular types of systems. The soundbar can solve this problem perfectly!

This device is an acoustic panel to increase the volume and improve sound quality, which is designed as a compact alternative to a classic home theater. They are created as an addition to LCD and plasma TVs and can be installed on a shelf or on a table under the TV, and many models are also adapted for hanging on the wall.
In addition to the compact size, the advantages of the audio panel include:
● Support for most modern audio and video formats.
● Ease of use.
● Integrated media players.
● Ability to connect external drives.
The main role among technical characteristics play speakers – sound emitters, the number of which, depending on the class of equipment, can be different, for example, from six, as in the Sony HT-SF150, and up to forty-four, as in the premium Yamaha YSP-5600.

Why do we choose Sony Soundbar

If you love good sound and have recently decided to buy a home cinema, then you will definitely need a high-quality soundbar. As one of the leaders in the electronics world, Sony could not resist the temptation to support soundbar fashion. It should be mentioned, that Sony offers its customers a fairly large assortment of soundbars that are suitable for each client, regardless of his financial capabilities.
The most popular sound bar models are:
● Sony HT ST9 Soundbar 7.1;
● Sony HT XT100 soundbar;
● Sony GT1 soundbar;
● Sony HT CT380 soundbar;
● Sony HT NT3 soundbar.

The advantages of Sony Soundbar

Sonya confidently took its position thanks to the following points:
● attractive laconic design;
● good convenient remote control;
● easy connection and configuration of devices;
● high-quality workmanship;
● competitive subwoofer;
● a large set of inputs;
● Bluetooth support;
● DTS and Dolby Digital dynamic sound support;
● functionality.
The sound level can be assessed as good. All sound projectors are up to par and do a good job of reproducing music and movies thanks to clear channel separation and precisely integrated bass. The soundbar is not used as an addition to a TV or cinema, but as a complete audio system with various functions.